Round Robins Any Time of the year

ImageHi all you folks who didn’t get a Christmas card from me a few months ago because Christmas is just not a time of year I cope well with these days.  It’s all I can do to cope with the weather let alone all the million and one things you have to do just because it is Christmas.

So the weather outside is frightful (despite being July), the blogosphere’s delightful, so l thought I’d send Season’s Greetings to you all.

Where has the time gone while I’ve been busy writing poetry and doing the odd shift on the labour ward?  I’ve definitely been letting the grass grow under my feet though I got the scythe out yesterday (second dryish day of the summer) and made a start.

Apparently the isle of Mull has had the driest few months anyone can remember (heresay but from an honest source) whilst the rest of us have been deluged.  Being a bit of a catastrophist, I predict that the jet stream is about to return to more normal positioning just in time for our family holiday in a couple of weeks on the neighbouring island of Shuna after which time the drought-ridden isles will get all their annual rainfall in a week.  Just a feeling.

This is the island of Shuna

I’m not sure if this is the house we will be staying in but there are only 5 houses on the whole island and we can only approach the house by boat (no road).  No electricity either so that should be exciting.  I’ll let you know how we all get on and I’ll be sure to take pictures.

Almost as soon as we get back, I’m off to my first ever Arvon course at Moniack Mhor with Don Paterson and Nora Chassler – Fiction and Poetry.  I’m so excited because I’ve heard so many wonderful things about Arvon courses.  Will, of course, let you know how I get on and hopefully I’ll have a few draft poems/fictions to inflict on you here.

Moniack Mhor

The great thing, I realise about blogging instead of writing a once-a-year round robin is that you don’t have to get everything down in one go.  So I’ll stop here and fill you in on the rest of my doings on the labour ward and beyond next time.


One thought on “Round Robins Any Time of the year

  1. Island of Shuna sounds idyllic for writing .. my sister in law is called Shuna after her parents visitted the island

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