What can I say?  I’m a lovely person really.  But don’t take my word for it ask my mother, my three sisters, my brother, my three children, my three grandchildren, my other half.  On second thoughts, don’t ask him.  He’s too honest about my ‘high-maintenance’ status.

When not writing, I work as a midwife on a very busy labour ward.  This mad occupation has inspired two novels as yet unpublished though my present manuscript ‘The Birthing Pool’ will see the light of day by hook or by crook.  It is a story about childbirth (naturally), motherhood, and family relationships with an intriguing storyline and complex characters, so I’ve been told by readers and editors.  No really, it’s a great read.

Poetry was my first love and poetry will be my last.  I started writing poetry aged 9 but then took a few decades off to do other things.  Since coming back to poetry last year I’ve been reading and writing like a starved man at a banquet.  I have a few folders full of poems but I’m still a bit shy of showing them off.  Who, after all, can call themselves a poet without cringing?  I have had two of my poems published by Poetry Scotland and dream of my first pamphlet and 60 copies to give away to my friends.

Occasionally I write short stories for competitions.  This is a short story that won first runner-up in Peirene Press’s 2011 Short Story competition and was published by them.


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