Rip Van Winkelesque she wakes

I’ve just refound this site and reading what I wrote way back in the day, I don’t recognise myself.  I have no recollection of mastering the art of blogging, inserting links into text etc, etc.  Wow!

Well, being unemployed (and maybe unemployable) with nothing but an Msc in Poetry to my name, what should I do but pick up the thread of this half-buried thing.  Maybe share a poem or two? Well that would be a start I guess and now I’ll do a tutorial on how WordPress actually works.


A nouvelle cuisine:

two glass eels from Fujian

separate three grapes

a snail in its jus

surrounded by pearl-white spraint

that is jus-de-snail

bluefin otoro

on a bed of wakami

(or alternative)

one green pea gelée,

a sprig of mint perched, waiting

for the frost to bite

Girl on Beam

 For Jenny

On a beam,


as her mother’s

doubt, she stands,

hamstrings taut;


her perfect

backward flip.